Therapy Academy - Helping you to find the best version of you!

Congratulations for taking the first step towards therapy!

Life can throw all of us challenges. Some of these challenges we feel ready to tackle on our own. Other times we need someone to help us look at the problem in a new way. Recognizing and admitting you could use guidance from a counselor or play therapist is the first and most important step. I know when everybody plays everybody wins!

Why Play Therapy?

Play Therapy provides a safe and healthy place to work through confusion, anxiety, anger, grief, and many other common emotions. In their own way and time during therapy, clients emerge resilient and resourceful with better coping skills and a healthy world view.

I commend you for wanting to make a difference in your life, and the life of your family, and thank you for considering me to help you in the process. I encourage you to imagine the best your family could be and believe that we can make that happen together!

Therapy Academy

Therapy Academy offers up to the minute online learning for counselors and therapists. You can meet your continuing education goals on your own terms: curled up on your couch with your dog or sipping something cold on the beach.

You will find the topics you are looking for through a mix of work at your own pace and interactive learning. Therapy Academy’s learning community offers ongoing discussion and connection with like minded professionals.